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Motorcycle pricelist of the European market PEUGEOT - latest moto prices

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HUSQVARNA 2020 prices

MotorcycleDisplacementΤιμήNotes / Details
TE 150I144cc8.995 €Price in Germany
TE 250I249cc9.250 €9995 price in Germany
TE 300I293cc10.250 €10295 Price in Germany
FE 250250cc10.250 €Price in Germany 10545
FE 350350cc10.650 €Price in Germany 10745
FE 450449cc10.800 €Price in Germany 10945
FE 501511cc11.150 €Price in Germany 11095
701 ENDURO693cc10.990 €
701 ENDURO LR693cc11.395 €Price in Germany
TC 50 MINI49cc3.645 €Price in Germany
TC 5049cc3.590 €
TC 6565cc4.590 €2019 price
TC 85 17-1485cc5.590 €2019 price
TC 85 19-1685cc5.490 €Price in USA $6299 - about 5490 euro
TC 125125cc7.190 €2019 price
TC 250249cc8.690 €2019 price
FC 250250cc8.690 €2019 price
FC 350350cc8.990 €2019 price
FC 450450cc9.290 €2019 price
FS 450450cc11.390 €2019 price
701 SUPERMOTO693cc11.240 €2019 price
VITPILEN 701693cc11.390 €2019 price
VITPILEN 401373cc6.980 €2019 price
SVARTPILEN 701693cc11.390 €2019 price
SVARTPILEN 401373cc6.980 €2019 price

Note: the prices are mainly starting manufacturer or dealreship prices, published by the official websites from the manufacturing companies, they may change without warning. In some cases the prices are from 3rd parties (when the manufacturers dont publish prices in their websites). The prices are retail, including taxes (VAT). For latest prices and offers please contact your local dealers. Motostop does not sell motorcycles, we just pubblish specifications and prices after research mainly from the European and Greek market.
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