Basic motorcycle specifications

1.295 €
49,00 cc
3,13ps / 8.000rpm
2,80nm / 4.000rpm
Front tyres 80/90-17
Rear tyres 90/90-17

Quick Info and Review:

The lowest priced bike in its category at 1.295 € which is 641 lower than the average, and 2.695 lower than the maximum (average category:1.936 €)
A regular Seat height at 77cm, suited for an average height person (175cm), convenient and comfortable for the riders
The Kymco motorcycle VISAR 50 of 2019, is an Underbone bike.
engine and performance, engine size 49cc
Power to Weight ratio 0,03ps/kg
horsepower 3,13ps
torque 2,80Nm
Model Year: • 201920182017201620152014UNDERBONE
Differences from previous year (2018): price same at 1.295
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