EMW - 3000W(2017) SCOOTER

Basic motorcycle specifications

1.950 €
- cc
4,06ps - rpm
55,00nmFront tyres 130/60-13
Rear tyres 130/60-13

Quick Info and Review:

A good priced bike for its category at 1.950 € which is 1.807 € lower than the average and 12.250 € lower than the maximum (average category:3.757 €)
The Emw motorcycle 3000W of 2017, is a Scooter bike.
Power to Weight ratio 0,03ps/kg
horsepower 4,06ps
very high torgue 55,00Nm (above category average:18,33Nm)
Model Year: • 201720162015SCOOTER
Differences from previous year (2016): price same at 1.950
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