Basic motorcycle specifications

45.500 €
998,00 cc
217,25ps / 15.250rpm
112,00nm / 11.500rpm
Front tyres 120/70-17
Rear tyres 200/60-17

Quick Info and Review:

A 'Status' motorcycle, with a high price, aiming the few but fortunate... at 45.500 € which is 26.193 € higher than the average and 18.944 € lower than the category maximum (average category:19.307 €)
with safety features like Front ABS and Rear ABS, 2 front brake disks
A relatively high Seat height at 83cm, high for an average height person (175cm), appropriate for more experienced riders and last but not least, manual gearbox for complete control!
Ducati 2020 PAGINALE V4 R is a Sport Motorcycle. With
engine and performance, large engine size for its category 998cc
really good Power to Weight ratio 1,13ps/kg (above category average ptw ratio:0,70)
very high horsepower 217,25ps (above category average:142,15ps)
very high torgue 112,00Nm (above category average:84,61Nm)
Model Year: • 2020SPORT
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