Basic motorcycle specifications

28.900 €
1.285,00 cc
207,84ps / 10.500rpm
144,60nm / 8.750rpm
Front tyres 120/70-17
Rear tyres 200/55-17

Quick Info and Review:

A 'Status' motorcycle, with a high price, aiming the few but fortunate... at 28.900 € which is 11.719 € higher than the average and 33.100 € lower than the category maximum (average category:17.181 €)
with safety features like Front ABS and Rear ABS, 2 front brake disks
A relatively high Seat height at 83cm, high for an average height person (175cm), appropriate for more experienced riders
Ducati 2015 1299 PANIGALE S is a Sport Motorcycle. With
engine and performance, large engine size for its category 1.285cc
really good Power to Weight ratio 1,09ps/kg (above category average ptw ratio:0,67)
very high horsepower 207,84ps (above category average:137,32ps)
very high torgue 144,60Nm (above category average:83,31Nm)
Model Year: • 20162015SPORT
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